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My Hair Care "Secrets"!

April 15, 2016


So, one of the things that I get asked about/complimented on the most is my hair!  It's long and thick and there is a LOT of it, which is the main answer as to how it looks and feels the way it does.  Unfortunately, there's only so much you can do about your hair's natural texture and demeanor... but you can do things to help it behave the way you want and thicken it up, as well as make it a little easier to style and maintain!  


Here are the things that I do to care for my hair.  I don't do anything crazy... thus the "secrets" in quotations, but there are some things that I do that maybe you don't!  These may not be for everyone but I've had several questions so here are my tips!



|1|  Sulfates.  (No haterz, please ;)

Yes, I use sulfates.  I know Sulfate-free shampoo is all the rage but it's just not for me!  I tried sulfate-free shampoo for a few months and I tried several different kinds, but I started feeling like my hair looked duller!  I felt I had less natural volume and it got oily WAY quicker.  The only thing that I could think of that'd changed in my routine was that I'd changed to sulfate-free shampoo.  Sure enough, when I switched back to my regular shampoo, I found that my hair felt almost normal again.  Is this a coincidence?  Maybe.  Maybe I'm totally wrong! haha But I use regular shampoo and conditioner and my hair is thick and voluminous and way less oily... so as they say, don't fix what isn't broken!

My favorite shampoo and conditioner that I use daily is good old fashioned Herbal Essences!


|2| I only wash my hair twice a week. 

This one is intimidating to a lot of you and I already hear your inner thoughts saying "my hair is way too oily, I have to wash it every day".  Well, so was mine.  And I was SO SICK of washing it and styling it.  I finally took the advice of my stylist and he said, "Give it three weeks.  You will be oily for three weeks and feel nasty and after that three weeks, you will have different hair."  

Admittedly, mine took about four weeks, BUT it worked.  I washed my hair twice a week for 4 weeks and used dry shampoo in between and after that month, my scalps natural oil production finally slowed down (because it wasn't over-producing the oil to make up for what was lost when I washed it every day) and now, my hair does not get oily until about the 3rd day after washing and because I only wash it twice a week, it's SO. MUCH. HEALTHIER!



|3| Sometimes I condition first and then shampoo
I don't do this everyday, but sometimes conditioner can make my hair feel heavier and too soft after showering.  So if it's a day where I know I'm just going to throw in some salt-spray and do the natural wave look and not heat style it, I condition first, brush it in the shower, and then shampoo it GENTLY.  When I get out of the shower, my hair takes the salt-spray and/or styling mousse WAY better and it's not too soft/slick to where it won't scrunch a little and wave!  Shockingly, this is a very common trick but for some reason it's not talked about! 


|4| Curl with a flat iron

This one takes practice, BUT- if you have really thick hair and find that curls don't stay well after using a wand or curling iron, this is the trick for you!  I use a wand sometimes but I've practiced and have become pretty great at using a flat iron to curl my hair.  And my curl lasts for DAYS.  With a wand my curl will last for maybe a day and a half and then it dulls down to a slight wave with some straight pieces, but with a flat iron it curls perfectly then slowly calms to a beautiful full wave and before it get's ugly, it's time to wash again!... (or it's time to put it up in a messy bun ;)


|5|  Hair masks!

Okay, not enough people do this.  I know people think of hair masks and they're like "that's messy and a lot of work and I barely have time to shower let alone do a hair mask for 30 minutes before showering."  I get it and I agree.  BUT, if you can commit to doing it ONCE A MONTH (which is nothing!) it really does make a huge difference!  There are all different types of hair masks and not all of them are gloppy and messy and require you to stand in one spot while mayonnaise-looking product drips off your completely slathered head.  One of my favorites is conditioner-consistency and I take a quarter size amount and apply it to my ends and get stuff done while it does the work!  The point is that hair masks are really great for your hair-- especially in the Summer with pools and humidity and frizz and ocean water and everything else!


|6| Products I LOVE:

 (I don't have curly hair, but on days I'm just going to let it naturally wave, I run this through my fingers :)



 This stuff is GOLD.  Creates beachy waves but doesn't make your hair feel crunchy or dirty.  It is my favorite "mom" product because on-the-go I can still have beautiful waves!











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