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My FULL REVIEW of Lipsense!

July 21, 2017



Alright y'all.  Lipsense.  I tried it and wore it 3 days in a row and researched the tips and tricks and etc and I think I can give y'all a completely honest review of Lipsense as a make-up artist-- what I like and don't like so far!

I was sent the color 'Aussie Rose' which is a gorgeous nude-y, corally, pink shade, the glossy topper, and the remover liquid. 

Here are the most commonly asked and wondered questions about Lipsense with my opinion/answer and also just some observations!

If you don't know the claims that Lipsense puts on their lip products here is a link to their site so you can read more about it ---->


1) Is it easy to apply?

Yes and no.  First time I put it on, I read and applied it according to the directions on the bottle and it was a minor disaster.  It says to let it dry for 3-5 seconds between coats, which I did, and the color applied very patchy and uneven and got worse with each layer.  Because it is also very sticky when you apply it, if your lips touch at ALL the product will come off and transfer from one lip to the other.  I was disappointed and confused so I looked it up and realized that most distributors and Youtube videos, etc, recommend you let each layer dry for +/- 15 seconds, tell you not to touch your lips together whatsoever (which the bottle does not say), and other tips for a good application.  BUT once you get the real application directions it is easier and applies better and the color payoff is good!  It seems that maybe there's a variation that works differently for everyone so you can just try until you find something that works for you.


2) Is it scented?

Okay, so this will be a deal breaker for some of y'all and was the worst part for me.  The smell is tough to get by.  When you open the bottle the smell of pure rubbing alcohol slaps you in the face.  It literally burned my nose a little when I put the applicator up to my nose.  It is STRONG and after application it takes a while to dissipate.  If you aren't someone who cares about scent, which I know is a lot of people, then you won't care and it doesn't effect how the product works obviously!


3) Is it drying on your lips?

So when you read the ingredients list, the first ingredients and some others in the list are different kinds of alcohol.  Straight up, the reason Lipsense stays on your mouth is because it is like 90% alcohol and that's what stains onto your lips.  So when I read that originally I really didn't like it and then I was like "oh great, my lips are about to dry out so bad".... But I'm pleased to say that I was so wrong!  Over the last 3 days I haven't noticed my lips being any dryer and that's probably because the gloss you put over top is thick and moisturizing!  I was pleased that it didn't make my lips feel gross.  A lot of people have talked about the "lip shedding" process that comes with using Lipsense but I haven't experienced that!


4) How long does it actually stay?

Ok so, PLEASE NOTE THIS: many distributors and people who love Lipsense will tell you straight up that the first several times they used it they weren't impressed with how long it lasts and it didn't live up to expectations.  BUT, the more you wear Lipsense and the more your lips get used to wearing it, the better it applies and the better it wears!  I think this is the number one lesson and thing to take away and remember when purchasing.  You may not absolutely love it the first, second, or third time.  But it seems that it does get better and I plan to keep wearing it every once in a while and update yall on that theory! Even today, my 3rd day wearing, it didn't apply perfectly and it didn't last for hours.  But that could be different if I tried it out for a few more days!


5) Do you like the color selection?

YES!  I've been looking through their color options online and on the Instagram of the girl who sent me my product and I'm very impressed with how many colors they have!  I also love that you can mix and match colors to make your own custom color!  The color I tried, Aussie Rose, is gorgeous!


6) The lip topper:

So I got the "glossy" lip topper  which gave my lips a wet look and I really liked it!  I would probably carry this around and use it as a gloss over my other liquid lips too!  It was moisturizing and nice to wear!


7) Will you continue wearing it?/Is it worth the money?

It depends on your commitment level I guess!  I do like the product and I was impressed with certain aspects, however I like the ease and application of some of my other lip products too.  If you have to commit to Lipsense and wear it daily to get/keep your lips accustomed to it then I don't think it'd work for me as my main go-to because I go dayyyyys without wearing anything but chapstick or maybe throwing on a Kylie lipgloss.  But if you're going to wear them a lot and love the great color selection then they are definitely worth the money because they really aren't too expensive anyway and you get a good amount of product!


8) Is it actually budge proof?

Y'all, this stuff ain't coming off.  It really doesn't transfer at all!  I blotted my lips and nothing came off!  Once you learn to apply it correctly and well and once it dries, it definitely does not come off!  


9) Final Thoughts, Bottom Line:

I was overall more pleased with Lipsense each day that went by that I tried it.  I felt that I got better at applying it and it looked better too!  The smell and all the alcohol in it are my lease favorite parts.  Alcohol is the number one product that ages your skin and can dry it out and the smell was just very strong and unpleasant.  But again, those things don't effect negatively the color payoff or the application and the claims that Lipsense makes of their product being smudge proof and budge proof, so they probably aren't deal breakers for most!  I think if you're looking for a product that you can wear daily and have a wide color selection {and if it is in fact true that Lipsense applies easier and better and nicer with each passing day that your lips get used to the product} then this might be a great product for you! 


******If you're interested in purchasing Lipsense or trying it out or if you'd just like to chat with a distributor about it, pleeeeease contact Kara Sullivan.  She is knowledgable, honest, and super sweet!  You can rely on her to help you with anything you need! Give her a follow on IG too so you can see the products Lipsense comes out with that you may be interested in!
Here is Kara's contact info:

IG: @ks.bohobellaboutique





XOXO!  Mandie


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