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December 5, 2017


In addition to having 2 kids and being tired a lot, I also (ANNOYINGLY) have puffy, dark under eye's just thanks to genetics.  So, on the regular, well-rested or not, I tend to look a little more dull and tired.  


I've found a few things that REALLY WORK WONDERS to "wake-up" my puffy under-eyes and some quick tips for looking bright and bushy-tailed-- even when you're exhausted! 


*** Click the individual products to shop them!






Nothing makes your skin look more dull than when it's [even just a little] dry.  It brings out fine lines, creates texture, and literally gives your skin a dull, gray appearance.  On mornings when you're just running on empty, start by exfoliating your skin.  It will remove dead skin and refresh your face!  Then, MOISTURIZE- a little heavier than you normally would.  Fatigue will literally soak in any extra moisture you have.  Your skin could use the little extra moisture for sure.  My fav exfoliant and moisturizers are below!



Exfoliant:  I just use Organic cane sugar and cool water!  Available at your local grocery store!


 ***BONUS:  Use code "504812" at Checkout for $5 off any of these moisturizers at Checkout!





Probably most important- I can't stress this enough.  Under eye creams are great-- but under eye PATCHES are KEY.  I can take this to the bank because I have tried SO many under eye creams for my puffy bags (and I do have a couple that I use regularly) but I noticed a massive, IMMEDIATE difference in my under eye bags and brightness after I started using these particular under eye patches.  You don't use them everyday-- just on the days you might be particularly puffy or tired-- so they are a great deal.

TIP: store these in the fridge to get the best results.  The patches themselves work WONDERS but when they are cold it just amplifies the effects!


 BONUS:  Use code "504812" for $5 off at checkout AND get a free gift with purchase!

Or, if you have Amazon Prime, buy them discounted here!





I have found this is mainly important for brightening.  Some creams will help de-puff (but not like the patches) but under eye creams will add a glow and brighten under there.  They also moisturize your under eye area so lines and creases are less noticeable over time. My favorites are below and I use them everyday to keep my under eyes bright and definitely see a big difference!



 BONUS:  Use code "504812" for $5 off at checkout on either of these products!





The finishing touch-- conceal any leftover darkness or bags and highlight the high-points of your face to lift and look alive!  My favorite full coverage, brightening concealers are below, as well as my favorite, subtle, natural highlighters! (These aren't shimmery and blingy highlighters-- these ones just have a slight sheen and give a "glowing from within" type look! SO good for all you highlighting newbies!)  


 // Tips on where to apply the highlighter crayon: 

     - Under the high point of your brown bone- this will lift your eyes and make you look more awake!

     - On the inner corner of my eye-  I dot this and blend it around the inner corner of my eye.  This makes your eyes look more open and eliminated the darkness that is naturally there.


// Tips on where to apply the highlighter powder:

     - Along the tops of my cheek bones, the tip of my nose, and a tony bit on my shin and center of my forehead-- this will give glow to all the high points of your face, making your skin look brighter, lifted, and healthier, and also just giving life to any dullness!


BONUS:  Use code "504812" for $5 off at checkout on any of these products!


















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