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December 12, 2017

This post is probably geared towards more toddlers/pre-school/elementary age kids because that's what I know.  If you have a middle schooler or above, I'm no help because I don't know anything about that life haha!


Below are some gifts that I think really stand out against the usual ideas you might have for a kid.  If you're a parent, I hope you love these ideas!  And if you're not a parent but are buying for a kid, any parent would LOVE YOU for choosing any of these ideas over Legos or Barbies. ;)


** Click the photos to go to the link!





Ordinary People Change the World Gift Set - $27


This gift set includes 4 kids books about some of our historical heroes.  Cannen has 8 of these books and I am absolutely OBSESSED with them.  They break down the lives and true stories of each historical character in ways kids can understand (in like a really cute story-form kind of way) and the pictures are SO fun and cute!  Both Cannen and Harvey LOVE these books and I just really love that they're learning about some of the most incredible influences and people in our world.


This set comes with:  "I am... Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Amelia Earhardt, and Rosa Parks" but there are a ton more books on different people that you can buy separately as well! 


We have Jackie Robinson, Martin Luther King Jr, Jane Goodall, and Helen Keller-- as well as the 4 in this box set.  The box set is just a really cute gift idea and gets kids started with 4 books!


CoCo Color Coloring Stylus For iPad/iPhone - $34

Pull up a photo or coloring sheet on your iPhone or iPad for your kiddo, they can press a color button on the stylus and make it lighter or darker, then the color they choose is the color that shows up on the iPad!  My son could color with this thing for hooouuurrrrssss I'm sure!  Super cool and tech-y way for the art lover to color or paint or draw!



 LiteCup no-spill night-light cup - $17

For the kid who always needs a drink of water before bed, and also needs a nightlight!  This cup is "Drink 360" meaning you can sip from any point around the lid and the drink comes out.  Plus it's no-spill no-leak which is literally a moms only request in a cup.  When the room is dark the cup emits a soft glow so kids can see and find it easily!

LOVE this idea, you guys!


InRoad Toys PlayTape - $14

For the little one who loves cars, trains, automobiles of any kind-- this is awesome!  This is literally a roll of tape (comes in regular roads or train tracks design) that sticks to the floor (it's easy-peel-off so no worries about ruining your floor!) and your little ones can make their own roads and towns and drive all over the place!  I think this is so cute!

Here is the railroad track design one:  here

Click the photo for the link to the roads one :)





PixlPlay Smart Phone Camera - $30

For the little kid who loves taking your phone and taking pics (both my kids), this is so cute!  Your phone snaps into the back and this protects your phone while your little one is snapping away!  It also syncs with an app so that any pics your kiddo takes they can "edit" with silly face features, filters, etc! Definitely getting this for Cannen and Harvey this year!



Drink In The Box Re-Usable Drink Boxes - $12

I LOVE THIS IDEA!  My kids always want juice boxes and could suck them down quick so I'd definitely trick them with these! haha!  It's an EASY TO CLEAN, reusable juice box!  No spill, easy to take places with you, and I love the idea of infusing water with the fruit!  




 Board Game Eating Tray - $20

UMMM these take the cake for the best idea ever! Parents will love these and kids will LOVE eating off of them!  You fill each compartment with food and when they eat their way to the end (under the Castle spot in this photo) you can hide a special dessert under there for them to "win" after eating!  What a good way to get kids to want to eat their veggies!  I love this idea and am definitely getting these for the kids!




Large Coloring Posters - $20


These are so fun for any art lover!  They would literally keep them busy for days and days and the end product would be so cool!  I love how huge they are and what a calming activity it'd be for kids!  Plus, they have a couple different designs to choose from!




Worry Eaters- $16 on sale!

These are the sweetest little idea!  They are a comfort toy for kids and when something is bothering your little one, or they are scared or worried about something, they write it down on a piece of paper and zip it into the worry eaters mouth-- their Worry Eater "eats" the thing that was bothering them and, based on reviews, kids REALLY love these and they are effective!  Such a sweet idea!!

Here is a link to the "girl" one in stock:  HERE

Here is a link to the "boy" one in stock:  HERE

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