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December 18, 2017


Whether you like wearing makeup or don't have time for it, or just want to step it up a little bit-- here are some tips and tricks to looking a little more put together and up-ing your beauty game with minimal effort!


Let's dive right in, shall we?




Even if you don't wear foundation on the regular- or at all- you still want to wear a primer EVERY DAY!  


Because Primers aren't just for prepping your face for foundation anymore.  Most primers out there now fill in your pores, give your skin a soft "filter" effect, mattify or add glow, and brighten your skin while keeping it looking healthy through out the day!  Even on days where I wear no makeup, I always apply a primer on my skin after moisturizing to help my skin look even and healthy through the day!  I just use my fingers to apply it real quick right after my moisturizer and I'm good to go!

So if you don't have one yet, grab yourself a good primer because I guarantee after you use it even just once with no foundation or makeup, you'll like how it just makes you look a little more put together overall and the nice, even tone that it gives your skin.




NO POREBLEM $18:  This is suuuuch a great universal primer.  It fills in and minimizes your pores, gives your skin that soft, "Instagram filter" effect, and evens out your skintone.  I use this when I'm not wearing any other make-up to make my skin look less like I just rolled out of bed! ;)

SMASHBOX PHOTO FINISH $16:  This stuff keep your foundation on for HOURS looking flawless.  I use this when I know I'm going somewhere where I won't have time to touch up or even worry about my make-up.  Literally hours later my foundation looks beautiful. It also fills in your pores really well and makes it so foundation and powders don't settle into any lines throughout the day.  Been using this for years and I LOVE it.


This may seem like a lame one but y'all, I am not exaggerating when I say that I have noticed the HUGEST difference in my hair, skin, and nails since starting a HSN vitamin.  ESPECIALLY in my skin.

I've always had somewhat sensitive skin and got little hormonal under-the-skin pimples easily.  I had to wash my face constantly and so many products that I loved would end up breaking me out and I just felt like my face was SO FRAGILE!  It drove me crazy.  Ever since starting a "beauty vitamin" my skin has been so different.  It's still sensitive to some things but I can use whatever make-up I want, different face masks, scrubs, etc. and I'm not breaking out--  Long story short, my skin has TOUGHENED UP and so many of my pimple and sensitivity issues are gone!  

(As far as hair and nails, I'll admit I haven't seen a huge difference in my hair but my nails are stronger and grow really fast these days!)

I would highly recommend adding these vitamins to your daily regimen- I mean, it can literally do NO harm and can only help in the long run!














Ladies, do not let bronzer scare you!  I'm not saying to powder yourself until you're a completely different shade and look fake-- but get the RIGHT bronzer (more on that below) and add a little bit to these 3 places to help you look a tad more pulled together and "made up" -- and it literally takes 10 seconds.

1) The top of your forehead--

this will lift your face and make your skin look healthier and "awake"

2) Your cheeks

3) Your jawline


Just adding a TOUCH of bronzer to these 3 areas will give your skin a little dimension and make a HUGE difference in just looking like you took some time on your make-up-- even though you really didn't ;)


Finding the RIGHT bronzer is KEY.  Y'all... I can't even EXPRESS to you how many bad, orangey, fake looking, awful bronzers there are on the market.  It's intimidating and sad.

Below are literally the ONLY bronzers I use on myself AND clients.  I've used these for years. 


What makes them the right bronzers?

1) they aren't too warm or too cool toned so they are UNIVERSALLY beautiful on all skin tones- just adding a touch of natural looking warmth when applied.

2) they are matte.  A shiny, shimmery bronzer will make you look like you went way overboard and look so unnatural.  Glow is good- shimmery brown powder all over your face is not.  




Everyone loves a face mask, but it seems to only be a "if I have time / maybe at a girls night or a boring Saturday night" type thing.  I use face masks atleast 3 times a week but I totally get that they just aren't at the top of the priority list. 

HOWEVER, if you think about it, face masks are the only GOOD, healthy thing that sit on your face for an extended period of time and actually can do the best deep cleaning and neutralizing and detoxing!  Your skin NEEDS that atleast once a week to really get the crap out of those pores and help maintain pH and nutrients and a healthy brilliance!  Face masks TRULY ARE SO important!


I use a lot of face masks depending on what my face needs at the moment, but here are the few that I use regularly/weekly to maintain the nice skin that I have:

 FRESH UMBRIAN CLAY:  If you have oily skin, stop what you're doing and go get this mask.  It is probably the thing that has helped my oily skin the most.  I could shout this from the rooftops and have multiple friends who have tried and now swear by it too!

ORIGINS CLEAR IMROVEMENT:  I use this when I'm breaking out.  I actually spot treat with it overnight more than I use it as a regular mask because it is MAGIC at making pimples go away over night, and most noticeably, reducing their redness almost completely!

PTR CUCUMBER GEL MASK:  This is a new fav of mine because my skin was feeling tight and cracked because of the heat pumping through our house this Winter and I used this ONE TIME and my skin was full hydrated and back to normal THE NEXT DAY.  If you have dry skin, you NEED this.


I'm not joking guys.  Masks are SO IMPORTANT and one of my alltime fav beauty tips.


This may not seem important but cracked lips with lines in them and dry spots are just not cute.  It is SO noticeable when you're talking to someone and they have dry, peely lips.  Exfoliating your lips helps them to naturally plump up over time, keep them really smooth looking, and helps gloss, chapstick, even just a tinted lip balm look SO pretty which in turn just helps you to look more put together and clean!


Here are some of my fav easy lip scrubs:






I figured I'd break this into a 2 or 3 part series going into the new year, so I'll have more tips/posts coming at y'all in the next couple weeks! XOXO!











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