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December 1, 2019

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May 1, 2018



Neither Cannen nor Harvin liked to be swaddled from Day One.  They would squirm and FREAK out crying when I'd try and swaddle them-- I remember the nurse in the hospital saying that she'd never seen a newborn (Cannen) who hated being swaddled that much!  Literally in the hospital he even hated it!  It was like he was in my belly just wanting to bust out and stretch out! haha!


Anyway, so when I was pregnant with Eden I really wondered about swaddles and if it was even worth it to get one or try one because my other two kids seemed to do just fine without it!  Then I received an Ollie Swaddle and was automatically SUPER interested and excited to try it.  (Our is in color: Stone)


At first glance it doesn't look like anything special - a blanket with velcro is what I saw.  But then after reading the specs and other reviews of why mommas liked it so much (see photo below) I was super excited to try it with Eden because it really is unique and seemed able to cater to what your baby likes and how they like to sleep better than any other swaddle I'd seen.  


Fast forward:  Eden arrives!  And go figure-- she hates being swaddled. *cue eye rolls*  But she "scares" herself awake with her arms and legs flailing while she sleeps, like most newborns. *cue frustration!*   I try swaddling her the classic arms-in Ollie-way for multiple nights hoping she'll just get used to it but nope.  Cries and breaks free of the swaddle every time.  She's strong, y'all!  So I'll be honest, I gave up on swaddling and the Ollie swaddle for a couple weeks. 


But, y'all, everyone's story is different and everyone's baby is different.  And I think it's all about getting to know your baby better and like I said before, the Ollie Swaddle caters to how your baby likes to sleep!


So as I got to know Eden a bit better, I realized that it was mostly her legs tucking and flailing and waking her up.  I also noticed that she wanted to sleep with her hands up by her face and she did like having something "tight" and close around her.  So I busted out my Ollie swaddle again and have now been swaddling her with her arms out so she can put her little hands up by her face.  I've also been tying the elastic up right under her feet so the swaddle is snug around her legs and she can't kick and flail them!


She's already been a champion sleeper, but I know our Ollie Swaddle is a big reason why, too!  

Other perks:  It's crazy soft, it's one-size fits all and will grow with baby so you NEVER have to buy another swaddle, the elastic tying bottom makes diaper changes a breeze, and the stretch that it has is so perfect and cozy.  


If you're a soon-to-be momma and you're overwhelmed by alllll the swaddle options out there, I genuinely feel like you can look no further because the Ollie is all those swaddles in one.  It is so "customizable" to your baby that you just don't need to buy a bunch of other kinds to try out.  I truly think you'll love this purchase-- and your well-rested nights will thank you for it.


Check out The Ollie Swaddle at

And follow them on Instagram for latest updates and info!  @theollieworld






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